Art portfolio

I play as well with figurative as with abstract elements and include often optical effects. Subjects as the (female) body and our connection with nature keep on coming back.

Currently my focus is on the “Who is Nora?” project which expands the globe. I interact with the environment and explore how my art adjust in different places.

Selection of works

Exhibition Gallery Langhuis
Solo exhibition, 10/1 - 20/2/2022

Netherlands (Zwolle)

A Covid-proof window exhibition containing two sculptures and projecting my digital art/NFT project.

Art and NFT Reception
Exhibition/reception and online NFT project, 25/2/2022


5 artist show physical work with the complimenting digital NFT.

Reflections of Time
Group exhibition, July 2021

Italy, Parma

As part of the E.U. City of Culture programme I made two sculptures for their theme "TIME". De exhibition was titled: Reflections of Time.

Sculptures in the Garden of Eden
Group Exhibition, June-September 2019

Netherlands, Biesbosch Museum Island

Exhibition in collaboration with Greenpeace. "Dependancy" was about our connection with mother earth.

Crater Sahara
"Who is Nora?" series
Installation "Crater" in the desert and video screenings

Merzouga, Sahara Desert (March 2019)

U.K. House of Lords, London (September 2019) 

Rotterdam Art Week (NL) (February 2020)

This is a series of installations spanning the globe. I explore my art in different  environments, affected by the elements of nature.

Crater Bentlage
"Who is Nora?" series
Group exhibition, "Crater" installation, September 2017

Germany , Monastery Bentlager

As part of the Bentlager Art Flow Festival I created a version of the Crater

Crater Ibiza
"Who is Nora?" series
Installation on the beach, June 2016

Ibiza, Beach/Beachclub Lips

This Crater catches the in-between world of the beach and the clubs by an interactive projection.

Moire patterns
Group Exhibition, January 2018

Vietnam (Hanoi), Dutch  Embassy

The moire patters come over the years in different variations and sizes. They blend in with the background to form a play of shapes.

Code canto
Code Canto
Performance / installation, 2014-2016

Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, Gallery langhuis and DOAS (Zwolle, NL)

Code Canto is a performance of dance and music within a moving installation. This is made of patterns and textiles with interactive projections.

..2014 ..2016


2019: U.K. House of Lords

For “Who is Nora?”  Project